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Want to help a Charity? Help Albergue Temporal San Vicente de Paul Yucatán A.C, they help the most needed

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Albergue Temporal San Vicente de Paul Yucatán, A.C. is a non profit organization that provides temporary shelter and food for patients with cancer or leukemia regardless of their age, gender or nationality. Patients stay in the shelter for as long as their treatment lasts. The only requirement is to collaborate preparing food and keeping the rooms clean.

Albergue Temporal San Vicente de Paul Yucatán, A.C. helps people without a corporate sponsor, their organization works efficiently through donations from people like us, and “with a little help from their friends” (such as Costco, for instance).

Delivering lunch

Delivering lunch











I was invited to visit Albergue Temporal by a volunteer, a retired nurse from the USA. Upon arrival, I found a spotless safe compound, and ended up in a children’s play room. The room had two computers (only one was working though), toys and books everywhere, but everything in it’s place.

Playroom at Albergue Temporal

Playroom at Albergue Temporal

Recreational area for kids

Recreational area for kids








Upon arrival we were greeted by an eight year old young man from the Pueblos. He greeted us proudly in English. I found out he was the youngest of twenty two children, and only recently started school.








We then proceeded outside the dining room where breakfast was being served to a hundred people. Containers of hot spiced ham, fresh sweet bread, and bags of coffee were sent to our station, by a large sliding gate. A nun opened the gate, exposing a line of about one hundred hungry people. The nun asked someone in line to say a prayer, then she proceeded to call names, and people very politely approached to get as much food as they desired.

People waiting in line for breakfast to be served

People waiting in line for breakfast to be served

People waiting in line for breakfast to be served

People waiting in line for breakfast to be served








Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served seven days a week. Serving was a humbling experience, but I was about to find out what Albergue Temporal was really about.

breakfast time

lunch room






I had an opportunity to sit with The Sister in Charge of Albergue Temporal, It was founded by a now 82 tear old Nun, who still lives and works there. It is a safe residence for the families if hospitalized patients. There are spotless rooms for single men, single women, families, and nursing mothers and babys. In exchange for room and board, the guests are asked to donate time. There is abundant filtered water, three hearty meals a day, free medicine with a prescription, day care, and a laundry facility.








At the Albergue Temporal there is a constant need for non perishable food: rice, beans, oatmeal, milk, baby formula as well as cleaning supplies and donations they can resell at their bazar.

Young mother and child

Young mother and child


Service hours








Volunteers are needed by the way, to assist especially in the kitchen.

Cash donations are greatly appreciated:  Banamex account number  4883/731

  • Albergue Temporal is located at Av. Jacinto Canek 566C (por Av. Itzaes).
  • Phone: 923 12 02   /   923 12  23   /  923 12 26

The Sisters all seem to assist without religion, but with faith. I see myself volunteering there. But, one person is not enough.

Can they count on you too?


By Stephen Friede


Stephen Friede was born into a family of small business owners. Art, Music, and the Written Word has been his passion since young.  Stephen’s Marketing Companie’s first client was a Presidential Candidate for the President of the US.  Putting on Special Events, and creating customer loyalty are his expertise to this day. Quote from Stephen Friede “I think out of the box, and get away with it”.









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