Published On: Mon, Mar 31st, 2014

Tradeco Construction Company could be causing Ecocide in Campeche

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Union Fishermen Leader Abelino Torres Quijano, assured that the construction company Tradeco could be the responsible of the ecocide caused by using heavy machinery prototypes to construct the bridge between Cd. del Carmen and Isla Aguada in the State of Campeche.

Tradeco was founded in 1992 and they are dedicated to the construction of infrastructure in their different branches. They have developed projects in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Chile, Colombia and the United States.



Tradeco is currently building the columns that will support this new bridge, and the Torres Quijano asked Federal Authorities to stop this private company from causing further damage to the marine ecosystem.

I’m a retired fisherman and for many years we have been respectuful with the environment and all marine species, however today we see with grief that Puerto Real is been used as an experimental area in the construction work of the new Bridge Unit ” he stated.

It is a priority for the locals to demand Tradeco to repair the damage done to the mangroves and the seafloor. We´ve seen them in many occasions dumping garbage and rubbish into the ocean, and the same could be happening with the other vessels that are helping in the construction of the bridge, the bay doesn’t have the necessary draft, for ships that big” he said.


Tradeco Machinery in Cd. del Carmen


I hope the authorities take in consideration the environmental hazards that this company is generating and start investigating and addressing all complaints, we need better infrastructure and we know that the construction of the bridge is important but we must not harm the wildlife that inhabits the area such as dolphins and other species” concluded the spokesman.


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