Published On: Sat, Mar 22nd, 2014

The Sun made it to Chichen and Dzibilchaltún

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The sun came up in all its glory yesterday at archaeological sites in Yucatan, where more than 30 thousand people enjoyed the Mayan ceremonial centers of Chichen Itza and Dzibilchaltún for the Spring Equinox.

From an early hour, two thousand visitors arrived at Dzibilchaltún , where unlike last year occurred when weighed in the absence of Kin , the Temple of the Seven Dolls offered its visitors the height of the astronomical knowledge of the Mayans. As a complement, the “Tinum” folkloric ballet  performed, dancing the traditional “jarana” of Yucatan.

From 3:00 pm, 800 members of the State Police were guarding the archaeological sites of Chichen Itza and Dzibilchaltún (650 officers in the Chichen and 150 in Dzibilchaltún).

Four patrols conducted surveillance  from the entrance to the archaeological site, all the way to the Unimayab University. In addition , paramedics and INAH people were on the lookout for visitors.

The ancient Maya conceived these dates as the beginning of the season of life and death.

As previously reported, the spring equinox occurred last Thursday, but yesterday , in Chichen Itza , some 28 thousand people enjoyed the drop shadow of the serpent, on the north stairs of El Castillo.

The inverted triangles topped light on the colossal head of snake, representing the return of the god Kukulcan, one of the most important deities of the Maya were formed.

This phenomenon of light and shadow can also be appreciated today and tomorrow in the area where the pyramid represents the starting point of origin, the point where the forces meet, the point where the cosmos is reflected .

” For the ancient Maya , the pyramid of Kukulkan was a cosmogram , representation of how they saw the cosmos , it was like bring it to the surface of the earth where man lived in that sense the pyramid was the great sacred mountain where concentrated the power of the universe , “said archaeologist Marco Antonio Santos, director of the archaeological site .

People visiting Chichen Itza , he added, ” do not come looking for a show, come to see what the ancient Maya conceived as to these dates the beginning of the season of life and death , that’s really what the  prehispanic civilizations of Mexico had as a concept for the equinoxes and that have nothing to do with the false beliefs of archaeological attend to “charge energy zones” .

Marco Antonio Santos concluded saying that the habit of going to the pyramids of archaeological sites in the country , is a recent tradition of the 1980s to these days, which became fashionable and wrongly continues. However, Chichen Itza offers a cultural experience to its visitors.

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