Published On: Mon, Mar 10th, 2014

The “Chelem Xmas Dreams Elves” are back! Don’t miss the Bingo/Raffle Extravaganza on March 12 at 7pm @El Bull Pen

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The Chelem Christmas Dreams Elves have been providing Christmas toys for the children of Chelem and the surrounding area for six years. Last Christmas they gave away over 1000 toys.

They’d like to invite you to the First Chelem Christmas Dreams Bingo/Raffle Extravaganza of 2014 on March 12 at 7:00 pm at the El Bull Pen in Chelem.

As usual, they split the Bingo pots 50/50 and they’ve got a lot of great raffle door prizes to give away including a four night stay at Hotel Cielo in Playa del Carmen.

Let’s play some BINGO!!We gave away more than 1000 toys last year so it’s time to get started on this year!! As usual, we’re letting you decide how many cards and how many games you want to play.

If you want to donate 150 pesos for an entire night of bingo including 3 regular games and the blackout game, we’ll let you do that! If you just want to play one or two games or save all your pesos for the blackout game, we’ll let you do that too! Cards for regular bingo will be 25 pesos each, and the cards for the blackout round will be 75 pesos each.

You can play as many cards as you want and if you want to keep playing after the scheduled 3 games and blackout are over, we’ll accomodate that also. We’re easy. It’s all up to you.

As usual, half the bingo money goes to the toy drive fund and half goes to the lucky winners.

The First Chelem Christmas Dream Bingo/Raffle Extravaganza of 2014 is only two days away! Here is the list of prizes so far!!
1. 4 Night Stay At Hotel Cielo in Playa del Carmen
2. 1 Night Stay at the Pickled Onion in Uxmal
3. 500 pesos gift certificate from Natural Thangs
4. Unique 3 Panel Mayan Warrior Painting
5. 2 Copies of the book, The Man Who Owned A Wonder Of the World
6. 1 Spa Day and 1 Exam with Vaccinations for your pet from Dra. Monica
7. Dinner for 2 at El Bull Pen
8. Donation of billable hours for expat service of your choice from I Go Yucatan
9.Breakfast for 2 at Maasai Maya
10.Authentic Collector’s Edition, Lizard Joe’s Baseball Cap
11. Certificate for 30% off you next satellite dish, installation, repairs, parts from SateliteCenter.
12. Dinner for 2 at La Barca Restaurant at the Las LaBarca Dunas Hotel Chelem

Hotel Cielo

Hotel Cielo

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