Published On: Tue, Mar 18th, 2014

Numerous incidents raise alarm in the City of Mérida

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Just last Thursday March 13th, the General Manager of the Municipal Civil Protection Committee (Presidente de la Comisión de Protección Civil del Ayuntamiento), Rubén Segura Pérez  expressed his concern regarding the recent fire at the Modatelas Fabric Store on March 3rd,  last year’s incidents such as the explosions at the Nao de China Restaurant in June and the Gas Truck at Fraccionamiento Polígono 108 in October.

There also have been reports of old houses collapsing in the Mérida Downtown area, jeopardising the lives of the local neighbors.


Rubén Segura Pérez

And finally, just 24 hours ago, a fire in the hotel Rosas & Chocolate left a toll of three people intoxicated for smoke inhaling and property damage for approximately $50,000 pesos. The fire started in the massage parlor of the hotel and presumably was caused by an aromatic candle that fell on one of the beds. Employees and guests were evacuated from the building to avoid risks.

According to the first reports of the authorities, the fire consumed all the furniture in the spa room: a bed, a sofa bed, and a chair. By the time the fire occurred, three employees were at the scene, the three were intoxicated by the smoke, but a woman, Mirna Patricia Basto Pech, 21, was the most affected due to her asthmatic condition.

The authority has not yet provided the names of the other two affected. Not only firefighters came to the place, but also personnel from the Department of Civil Protection and agents of the Public Security Secretary (SSP).

The authority has not informed how many guests and employees were inside the hotel premises at the time when the fire occurred. Later on, the establishment management reported that everything was in order, but in their press release they said that the cause of the fire was a short circuit.

“Everything is in excellent conditions, the hotel, restaurant and bar, are operating perfectly normal, there was a minor incident caused by a short circuit in the spa room, which was content to 100% in that space.

There were no injuries or intoxicated, this area was unoccupied and thanks to the excellent response of firefighters as well as our staff that is trained for these kind of situations, the incident was not aggravated. thanks to all our friends who have shown all your interest and support. “

Merida Fire Dept controled the situation

Merida Fire Dept controled the situation

Mérida City Hall has to be very careful and start to pay attention to these kind of incidents, that have to do with many factors, but specially with the fact that the City is growing significantly in size and population, and this growth brings a number of situations, that if not properly handled, can become potentially dangerous for the people of Merida.


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