Published On: Mon, Mar 24th, 2014

More attacks of dogs against people in Yucatan. Whose to blame?

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The Yucatan State Health Ministry reported that this year the rate of dog attacks on humans increased 32% in comparison with the same period 2013, minors being the most affected.

In an interview with Notimex, the responsible of the “Zoonosis Program” of the State Agency, Daly Gabino Ortiz Martínez, said that “Since 1999 no case of human rabies transmitted by dogs or cats has been recorded in the state of Yucatan.”

“The Zoonosis Program” of the University of Yucatan (UADY), looks to create a link between biodiversity conservation and human health.

Zoonosis is an infectious disease that is transmitted between species (sometimes by a vector) from animals other than humans to humans, or from humans to other animals (the latter is sometimes called reverse zoonosis or anthroponosis). In direct zoonosis the agent needs only one host for completion of its life cycle, without a significant change during transmission.

Ortiz Martínez declared that so far in this year, 458 cases of people attacked by dogs have been registered, while in the same period last year, only 347 cases were recorded.

He recalled that in 2013, 2,470 dog attacks on people were reported, in 40% of these cases, the victims were children under the age of 14.

“The physical and psychological consequences of these attacks on children are significant, therefore it is considered urgent to take measures for better control of feline and canine population that prevails in Mérida and the whole state of Yucatan.” he stated.

“The core of this situation is the irresponsibility of  people that abandon their cats and dogs on the streets, seeking their comfort without thinking of the harm they are causing to the city, but specially to these poor animals that have to pay the price,” he explained.

Stray dogs and cats are primarily responsible for most attacks on people in the state, where 2,300 cases of zoonosis caused by both species are recorded annually.


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