Published On: Sat, Mar 15th, 2014

Mexican Saint Patrick’s Day

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In Mexico we honor Saint Patrick not once but twice a year. In 1846 Mexico and United States were in war. The Central Government of Mexico did not acknowledge the independence of Texas from the Republic and this prompted a war and a subsequent US invasion that ended in the separation of current Texas, Arizona and California from the Mexican territory.











A troop of US soldiers, mainly Irish immigrants escaping from starving Ireland, suddenly decided to change sides. The Mexican army enrolled them and called them “Saint Patrick’s Batallion”.

Chapultepec Castle

Chapultepec Castle


These brave warriors battled side by side along the Mexican forces despite their awareness of the evident power asymmetry. On September 10th and 13th in 1847 , when the American army took control of Mexico city and raised the star and bar flag on Chapultepec Castle, these men were executed as traitors.

The Mexican congress wrote the names of these men in gold on the board dedicated to Mexican heroes. Every march 17th, and every September 13th, flowers are set on a monument with the engraving of the names of these Irish men who decided to give their life in the defense of Mexico.



Next time you see the Mexican flag, look a little closer, you will find there is a little Saint Patrick’s green on the first bar and on the third, with no doubt, you will notice there is a special red, as in Irish blood.

By Rodrigo Rodriguez


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