Published On: Thu, Mar 27th, 2014

Mexican Governors reject marijuana legalization

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Even though marijuana is used for healing purposes in some regions, most of Mexico’s governors reject its legalization.

Even if some regions in Mexico consider marijuana a plant used in traditional medicine, most of the country’s governors have regretted legalizing it or authorizing its therapeutic use.

Some governors reject its legalization openly, while others prefer not to say their opinion and the rest say they are open to discussion, but refrained from saying if they are in favor or against it. Only one supports the proposal.

Morelos governor Graco Ramirez backs the legalization of marijuana and said that his administration is working on a bill to legalize marijuana in his state for public health reasons. The state is also seeking a legal reform to prevent youngsters found with marijuana for the first time from being taken to jail. Instead, they would be taken to rehabilitation centers.

The Congress of Guanajuato is also discussing marijuana’s legalization after the proposal submitted in October 2013 by a local legislator from the Citizens Movement Party. However, the state’s governor is against it.

The Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) submitted a marijuana legalization bill in March this year that will be discussed by the corresponding commissions.

PRD legislators also submitted a marijuana legalization bill at the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City in February this year.

Out of the 31 governors, one is in favor of legalizing marijuana, 16 against it, 11 are neither in favor, nor against it and three did not state their opinion, whereas 13 governors are open in discussing the issue and two are against a public debate.


Veracruz, Sonora, Hidalgo and Oaxaca are some of the states in which cannabis sativa, the scientific name of marijuana, is used with ceremonial and therapeutic purposes.

According to the digital library of traditional Mexican medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Otomi indians from Veracruz consider marijuana a deity that they venerate as a saint whose name is “Santa Rosa”. They use it in rituals to learn their future and it has also been associated with other deities both Catholic and prehispanic.

These communities use it to be forgiven, to heal from several ailments and to obtain wisdom and protection for the future. Healers also use marijuana to identify the cause of illness and receive the divinity’s advise on how to treat it.

In Sonora marijuana is used to treat rheumatism. In Hidalgo some people use it for the same purpose combined with tobacco and garlic. The plant can also be used to fight insomnia and muscle pain.

In the Chontal area of Oaxaca marijuana is used for sacred rituals.


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  1. Ooen Minded says:

    Big surprise a government more corrupt than America is renouncing the concept of legalization. Cartel money pays legislators much more money than giving medication to children does.

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