Published On: Tue, Mar 11th, 2014

Jewelry Theft in Playa del Carmen

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At least 9 subjects were apprehended for presumably collaborating with the theft that took place on Sunday March 9th.  in the known jewels store Diamonds International, located in the center of this touristic city; Initial reports state that at least 25 wristwatches were stolen from the store.

Just minutes after 7 pm, several individuals broke in the establishment located on “La Quinta Avenida”. Several eyewitnesses attested that smoke started to come out from inside the establishment and seconds later the individuals ran out to the touristic zone.

According to Rodolfo Del Ángel Campos an eyewitness, the thieves arrived at the store and broke one of the windows to retrieve some items, but the alarm went off which probably was the thing that alerted one of the officers that intervened and stopped the first subject. Later on the Federal Police arrived to secure the place, the origin of the smoke is still unknown.

Federal officers in coordination with the local police, started  searching the streets surrounding the “La Quinta Avenida” to the amazement of tourists walking by.

In less than 40 minutes Local police in collaboration with federal and state forces successfully managed to find and capture 9 individuales that were presumed the perpetrators of the theft.

Police said that 25 wristwatches were insured during the operation , which brands and economic amount are unknown, these were located inside the bar “La Taberna”, located at the corner of calle 10 (x 4), just a block away from where the jewelry store is located, and it is also unknown if the full loot stolen of the jewelry was recovered. At least one detainee named Miguel Angel Jimenez Benitez, originally from Peto, Yucatán, (29), was secured in La Taberna.

Before his arrest, the alleged thief shot a cap to the air without there being any wounded by gunfire.

Alín José Rosales, (22) native of Chiapas, was also arrested , and worked as a waiter in “La Taberna” for allegedly covering Miguel Ángel Jiménez Benitez, when the police raided the place. Besides the previousley mentioned men, they were other detainees like Ivan Lizalde González, a native of Mexico City (27) ; Juan Fernando Sánchez Muñoz (24) native of the State of Mexico, Edgar Rodriguez Real, from Tabasco (29), and Miguel Angel Ayala Ramirez (20) also of the capital, who was arrested in the vicinity of City Hall. Among the things insured, was a Toyota Sienna van, which allegedly would be used to escape, and three handguns: a 9mm, .45 caliber and a.38 special.

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