Published On: Wed, Mar 12th, 2014

First Yucatecan Community Management Franchise

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The first Yucatecan franchise of social networking sold at national and international levels is owned by two local entrepreneurs: Fernando Rojas Sánchez and Ricardo Sánchez Marchand, authors of the book “Twitter para la empresa en # 4 Pasos” (Twitter for the enterprise in #4 Steps).

The Company currently operates in the States of Nuevo Leon, Jalisco, Queretaro, Yucatán and Mexico City. At the international level, Spain is the first European country where they operate.

They explained that the internet user community, and specifically social networks, is immense, but the fact of having a large number of followers, does not work for the entrepreneurs if does followers are not consumers of your products or services.

Fernando Rojas Sánchez and Ricardo Sánchez Marchad own the company named “Creativos Prácticos”, which is dedicated to the comprehensive management of social networks and have a goal: to create and implement social media strategies to the needs of your business based on your market’s demands.


Rojas Sánchez and Sánchez Marchad indicated that 560,000 Facebook users, excluding other social networks like Linkedin, Foursquare, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter had registered in Mérida, until last year.

About their contribution to the business sector, particularly aimed at small and medium sized businesses and companies, they said that they support the use of platforms to create expectations and make it easier to sell their products or services.

They clarified that their work ends at the time that the prospective client is lined up and ready to acquire the product or service offered, but closing the sale depends totally on the company and, above all, the quality of what they offer.

They concluded that the success of social network Management depends on having a different and better product, and not just because the company says so, but for the good quality of the service or product offered.

2b Business Consulting Agency collaborated with “Creativos Prácticos” doing the respective market research labor to determine the following variables:

  • Geographic locations
  • Target audience
  • Feasibility

2b Business Consulting Agency is also a Yucatecan company dedicated to provide professional services, and market research studies that analyze and interpret information gathered from the market, in order to develop strategies to the needs of their customers.


They encourage the development of their clients by providing integrated services for marketing, advertising, branding image while exceeding customer expectations, with commitment and honesty.



Ricardo Sánchez Marchand y Fernando Rojas Sánchez photo by

Ricardo Sánchez Marchand y Fernando Rojas Sánchez photo by



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