Published On: Wed, Mar 26th, 2014

Campeche seeking “Your Best Reward Is Mexico” Certification

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Campeche tourism services providers will showcase their products to representatives of “Your Best Reward is Mexico” program in order to obtain certification as a World Class destinations for incentive travel, Campeche is trying to open a new attraction door for international visitors, one of the goals is to show that it is a competitive destination and has high standards of quality in the services that it provides.

State Secretary of Tourism, Vania Kelleher Hernandez said that the Society of Incentive Travel Executives and the Tourism Board of Mexico along with the Federal Ministry of Tourism developed a program to certify the destinations that are prepared to offer first class travel and promote them internationally.




The presence of six expected ‘incentive planners’ and three national staff representatives of SITE Mexico, Federal Tourism Secretary and the CPTM. It will assess the fate and issue statements and recommendations for obtaining certificate for development and improvement of the touristic products developed “ she said.

The state official said that the tourism providers in the state will offer it as an integrated product, exactly as if it was to be sold to a company, pretending to offer the visitor with the experience and at the same time, promote it to their customers.

Vania Kelleher Hernandez

Vania Kelleher Hernandez


Each local provider that is participating will be given a diploma and the destination will now have a certificate of the compliance of the program which ensures the standardization of services internationally“ Kelleher Hernandez concluded.

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