Published On: Mon, Mar 3rd, 2014

Bachata Sunday drew thousands of Meridians to Plaza Carnaval

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Entire families arrived to Plaza Carnaval from all around the city of Merida. The costumes , the order of the day for many , especially children. Groups of boys , women and men, who wore pink , purple , blue or yellow wigs and colorful clothes, enjoyed the festivities.

The Morales Pérez Family arrived early from Ciudad Caucel : Dad, Mom and two young children. Raul Morales said he always goes to the carnival with his family and this year was not going to be the exception.

They added that they also like to go to the Fair Xmatkuil , so they are already used to the drive up from Caucel. The family arrived early to get good parking space.


By bus or car thousands of people came to enjoy the so called “Plaza Carnaval”. Many of the attendants chose to use umbrellas, in order to protect themselves against the sun rays.

The buses providing free shuttle service to Plaza Carnaval began to arrive full of people from the early morning hours.


Mayor Renan Barrera Concha at the Carnival

At the start of the parade, minutes after one o’clock, the free boxes area looked full , hats, umbrellas and hats gave a special color to the place, and the children were very excited about the gifts.

I like it better here than in Paseo de Montejo … I do not understand how they build the floats , but here I can see them more closely“, said the little Angel .

Mrs. Gloria Rodriguez said that she is going to see the parade first, and then she was intending to enjoy the shows that are presented afterwards.

It’s the first time I come and is very comfortable , I would only suggest to the authorities to install canopies above the boxes seats, cause the sun is very strong” .

Mayor Renan Barrera Concha having a good time

Mayor Renan Barrera Concha having a good time

Eduardo Ortiz said he and his family had a lot of fun , because there is more room for people who can not afford a box.

“It’s better because there’s more space, I can see the floats better, and at the end will go to the Plaza Carnaval to have a good time with the family and visit the castle of Coca Cola to see the feature presentation “, he said.

Mrs. Guadalupe Garcia said that she considers it was an excellent idea of the City of Merida to move the Carnival to Xmatkuil, because it has all the necessary infraestructure and different attractions for each member of the family.

In Paseo de Montejo one could not enjoy the parade because there was too many people in a small space, and when you tried to listen to the musical groups on one of the stages set up by the radio stations, the platforms were too crowded and you could not even dance since everyone is pushing you” she said . “But here there are specific areas for youngsters and children , and we can enjoy the music of trios and other groups, so the whole concept of the Carnival is more familiar“.

At Plaza Carnival fun begins from the entrance. Open vehicles offer tours for the visitors, so they can easily get to the different “Zones” or “Areas” of the Plaza Carnaval.

Upon entrance to the Plaza, a stage with live music welcomes the visitors, along with characters walking on high stilts among the public.

There is a much wider array of atractions in comparison with previous Carnivals, but the bulk of the activities , however , started at 3 pm, when the the Bachata parade was about to conclude.

There were musical performances , children pamplonada , the Portuguese bullfights fashioned and , to wrap up the day , the spectacle of Nelson Kansela in the area called “The Bomb”.

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