Published On: Wed, Mar 12th, 2014

Armed Robbers Steal $30,000 In Campeche

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Two employees working in Credimax Elektra located in street 16, between Francisco I. Madero and Alvaro Obregón, in the city of Campeche were subject to a robbery that took place on Monday, March 10 around 8:30 in the morning.

At that time the two employees were alone, as her fellow coworkers had gone out to buy some breakfast, apparently this was expected by the three thieves, as they used this window of time to take over $30,000 pesos cash. The robbers threatened the women, telling them that if they wanted to walk out unharmed they ought not call the police. Once the heist took place, the three criminals walked out like normal costumers.

“Police Officers talking to eyewitnesses”

In order to dissimulate, the three delinquents escaped in different directions to confuse the authorities, one entered a establishment in front of Elektra, the second one headed to Franciso I. Madero avenue and finally the other one escaped by “Gobernadores” avenue.

Immediately, State police was notified just to arrive shortly after, to the crime scene and started the pursuit of the criminals that were thought to be on foot. Moments later one of the assailants was seized in “Gobernadores” avenue. When searched, the robber had two firearms on him and part of the loot.

The two employees were taken to the Public Security Secretary detention facility to identify the thief. Unfortunately, the two other accomplices remain free, avoiding capture from authorities.

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