Published On: Wed, Mar 19th, 2014

43,000 newborn Sea Turtles will be released this year

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On the eve of the nesting season of sea turtles in the Yucatan coast, Seduma (Secretaría de Desarrollo Humano y Medio Ambiente) staff asked the public to exercise caution to avoid crushing the eggs, while driving ATVs along the beach.

They also asked the people not to leave their dogs unattended, because they can dig out the nests and eat the turtle eggs.

Nesting season begins in April and ends in October, the coast  from Celestun to Puerto Chuburná and from Uaymitún to Dzilam Bravo, are the places where traditionally more turtle nests can be found.

The Head of Department of Ecosystem Conservation Seduma, Luis Méndez González explained that the nests that are at risk due to predators such as raccoons, foxes, dogs or humans.

The State Official explained that in total 143,000 turtle eggs were rescued last year, of which only one in a thousand will reach the adulthood. This year, forecasts are that 43,000 turtles could be released.

The rescued eggs are distributed in the three local camps: Sisal, Dzilam Bravo and Telchac. In Progreso, the turtle camp is located in the Cetmar, where Jorge Amenica is in charge.

The process of releasing turtles begins after two months of being 60cm (2 feet) under the sand surface, the turtles reach the strength and size to leave the egg and come to the surface, it is in those moments when Seduma staff, with the support from volunteers release the turtles in the presence of children and their parents.

“This is a way to contribute and show to the locals that it is important to respect the sea turtle because it is an endangered species. We can not repair the damage that has been done to the species, which is why the releases are made with children, so they learn to take care and respect these animals that are at risk of extinction “, he concluded.

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