Published On: Fri, Mar 7th, 2014

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Agents of the Ministry of public security arrested the Christian Pastor, Victor Manuel Rosales Castro, accused of attempting to sexually abuse a 14 year old minor from his congregation after trying to make her have sexual intercourse with him in the “Maracay” motel, located near Periferico and Jacinto Canek.

The so called Pastor took the girl to the motel and  played a pornographic movie in the room in an attempt to seduce her. Instead the girl (who demanded to remain anonymous) firmly said “no”.

The “religious” man now faces legal charges for the crime of minor corruption, before the Sixth Court.

According to the events, last Saturday, Rosales Castro, pastor of a Christian church, like every week for the past month, went to the child’s house, on Calle 79 A, between 92 and 94, Colonia Sambulá.

He said that he went to the teen´s house every saturday because he was giving her doctrine lessons. He then picked up both, the teenager and her little sister in a Nissan Tsuru vehicle with license plate numbers YZH-5417 and took them to his house,  to pick up some things.

Afterwards, he left the sibling in his house and told the teen that he wanted to go to a more “relaxing” place with her, that´s when he took the adolescent to the “Maracay” motel. Upon arrival, he asked her to put on her sunglasses so the personnel working there would not notice that she was in fact a minor.

At the room, the pastor enter the bathroom where he undressed himself and came out completely naked, to later lay in bed next to the girl, who he began to seduce in order to try to have intercourse with her.

When the minor realized what he was doing she said no, and that her mother would be worried of where she was.

The minor finally asked the pastor to take her home, and before he left her , he gave her 70 pesos and asked her not to tell anybody. But, when the girl arrived home, she told everything that had happened to her mother, who immediately called the police and accused the man for minor corruption.


Victor Manuel Rosales Castro

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