Published On: Fri, Feb 28th, 2014

Yucatan goes for Guiness World Record on largest octopus dish

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Octopus producers in Yucatan seek a new Guinness World Record by preparing the  largest cooked octopus dish on 2 March, during the sixth edition of the Yucatán Expocampo 2014, at the Siglo XXI Covention Center.

Come to the Siglo XXI Convention Center this Sunday March 2, at 9:30 am, have a taste of this delicious dish, and be a part of the New Yucatan Guiness World Record.

President of the Octopus Producers of Yucatán, René Echeverría G. Canton, said that 2 tons of the species known as “maya or pink” octopus , along with 450 kilograms of several other ingredients will be used for the preparation of this record breaking dish.


He stated that the interest in obtaining this record is oriented to calling the attention of local, national and international consumers , since much of the local octopus production is exported.

Octopus Producers of Yucatán also seek the designation of origin (denominación de origen) for this product endemic of the Yucatan Peninsula (Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatan).

According to Rene Echeverría the main objectives of this event are:

  • Promote the value of Mexican products , in this case the octopus.
  • Join the national campaign against obesity and eating a healthy low fat product.
  • Boost the campaign for intake of fish and seafood.

40 chefs will carry out the preparation, 10 will take care of  the boiling process and 20 more will be in charge of the presentation and serving of this giganitc dish.

Echeverria G. Canton explained that the cooking process will begin on Saturday March 1 at noon, and the final product should be ready by 9 in the morning on Sunday March 2, to be served to the attendees for  the closing ceremony of the Expocampo 2014.

Meanwhile, the president of the Fundación Produce Yucatán , Pedro Cabrera Quijano, recalled that it was in Expocampo 2012, when Yucatan obtained another Guinness World Record , for the world’s largest “Cochinita Pibil”, that weighed three tons and measured more than 42 meters long.

About 60 thousand people are expected to attend Expocampo 2014 this weekend, to admire Yucatán’s agriculture , livestock, fisheries and forestry products.

According to figures from the Ministry of Rural Development in Yucatán 13,500 tons of octopus were captured in 2013, 8,000 tons  of Maya or Red Octopus, and 5,500 tons of the Octopus vulgaris or “Pulpo Patón”.

The states of Campeche and Yucatan contribute 94.2% of the total national production of octopus, according to the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (Conapesca).

The species known as  “Pulpo Patón” (Octopus vulgaris) and “red” octopus (Octopus maya) are only found off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula (Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo).

The average national production of octopus in the last three years, has remained above 25,000 tons and in 2011 it exceeded 27,500 tons.

In the past 10 years, the average annual production growth has been positive, with 0.78%.

Octopus annual production in Mexico stands in fifth place worldwide and its main export markets are Italy and Spain.

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