Published On: Fri, Feb 14th, 2014

The Restrictions for this Carnival 2014

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Renan Barrera Concha office has announced a list of restrictions for the next Carnival in Merida this 2014, among which are the following :

1) No alcohol will be sold in the parade grounds, just inside the fairgrounds.

2) The place will be divided by zones, each will have a filter, where entry could be denied to people who apparently look under the influence of alcohol. 

3) The Carnival for the first time, will have a specific starting and ending time. If the parade is during the morning it will be opened from 10 am to 10 pm . If it’s at night it will be opened from 4pm until 1am .

4) It is not confirmed yet, but its being contemplated to provide free transportation services from downtown Merida to the Xmatkuil fairgrounds and back.

5 ) Exclusively selected people will be able to sell alcohol in the fairgrounds. The number is still undetermined. 

6) Bathrooms and trashcans will be installed for people to help keep the place clean during the festivities.

7) The only event that will remain downtown is  “La quema del mal humor” (the burnt of the bad humor) and “El entierro de Juan Carnaval” (the funeral of Juan Carnaval).

Merida carnaval parade

Merida Carnival Parade

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