Published On: Thu, Feb 6th, 2014

Serial rapist arrested in Merida, Yucatan

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The Attorney General’s Office (FGE) consigned José Antonio Peralta Madrigal, age 32, who was initially believed to be linked to the sexual assault of three women in three different neighborhoods Terranova, Paseo de las Fuentes, and Parque de Industrias no Contaminantes.

This information was later confirmed and Madrigal Peralta was arrested on Monday January 27th, after beating and sexually abusing Wendy Muñoz Rodríguez, age 33. The incident occurred in the neighborhood known as Terranova, minutes before 2:00 am, while the victim was sleeping in her house and was awakened by a loud noise.

As stated by the woman, “I woke up to a loud sound, when suddenly felt a big hand covering my mouth and heard a male voice ordering me not to scream or things would get worse”. The victim fought back and began to struggle, but the subject, who was bigger and stronger, punched and kicked her on the face and body to subdue and outrage her, after the attack, the assailant left the house through the front door.

Wendy Muñoz immediatelly denounced the sexual assault before the Local Police, and when SSP officers received the report, they conducted an operation in the neighborhood to locate the attacker.

During the investigation, the state police found a Mercury parked a few blocks away from the crime scene, with license plate number 714 XYE from Distrito Federal, with the doors unlocked and blood stains both inside and outside the vehicle.

None of the neighbors knew who was the owner of this car, so the police officers began to gather evidence at the scene, and started to conduct the proper investigation to determine if the car was reported as stolen, when suddenly they heard noises in the trunk and found the suspect hidden there, whose shirt was stained red with blood. After a lab test, it was confirmed that the blood belonged to the victim.

The subject was identified by the woman as her attacker, so he was arrested and taken into custody by the SSP, and when his criminal background was revised in the data base known as “Mexico Platform” (Plataforma Mexico), it was found that he had an arrest warrant for the crime of theft in state of Tabasco.

Jose Antonio Madrigal Peralta

Jose Antonio Peralta Madrigal

According to previous research of ministerial agents of the FGE, which included fingerprints, sketches and various errands, authorities found that the dependence detainee, who was engaged in the sale of dogs of different breeds and the installation of air conditioning systems, was a subject sought since August 2013 for assaulting a young woman near the neighborhood of Parque de Industrias no Contaminantes.

As announced at that time, the events took place in broad daylight when at 9:45 am on August 22nd, 2013, a young 19 year old girl was heading, paradoxically, to a conference in support of women suffering physical and psychological violence that took place at Parque de Industrias no Contaminantes. Jose Antonio Madrigal Peralta then showed up, deceived the young girl and led her to an empty lot, where he threatened her with a knife and sexually assaulted her.

The young woman filed a report and declared to the Public Prosecutor, that she was walking near the College of Engineering looking for the previously mentioned event, when she was approached by a guy who kindly offered his help to search for the address, but she did not realize that he was leading her to a desolate area where the man suddenly turned very violent, put a knife to her neck, dragged her to an empty field and sexually abused her.

After the assault the subject abandoned the victim badly hurt on the ground, fled the crime scene and minutes later, the young lady managed to get on her feet and call for help.

Madrigal Peralta during the hearing

Peralta Madrigal during the hearing

José Antonio Peralta Madrigal was also identified as the attacker of another teenager who was sexually abused on August 17th 2013, while she was walking along Calle 100, in Paseo de las Fuentes neighborhood at 2:00 pm, when a man grabbed her from behind, put a knife to her neck and took her to an empty lot, where he raped her.

Peralta Madrigal is currently facing three different charges of sexual abuse and assault, and he could be sentenced to the maximum penalty that deprives the state of Yucatan, which is 40 years in jail.


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