Published On: Thu, Feb 13th, 2014

Rumors about the concession of Cenote Zací to Grupo Xcaret denied by Valladolid Mayor

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During the first days of February, Mayor of Valladolid, Roger Alcocer Garcia denied that there is any kind of negotiation with Grupo Xcaret Group regarding the concession of Cenote Zací.

As it was reported on Friday, January 31, Miguel Quintana Pali, president of Grupo Xcaret, unofficially declared to be interested in creating a major tourism project called “Gran Maya Peninsula” within the premises of Cenote Zací. This project would include the “Pelota Maya” game and other attractions.

Quintana Pali, after recognizing his interest in the cenote, declared that he does not intend to take anything from the people Valladolid, but his intention is to support the tourism development of this important destination in order to attract a larger number of overnight visitors.

Reviews from the Valladolid society about it were expected and there are many who are opposed to such concession. Mayor Alcocer García made it clear that Quintana Pali’s comments are simple speculations because “There will be no negotiations with Xcaret Group”.

When the former Mayor Gonzalo Escalante Alcocer was asked about if he had conducted any kind negotiation with this group in the past, he also denied this and said that “There is nothing settled on record  regarding this issue.

Other versions said that Grupo Xcaret was willing to pay $30 million pesos for a 30-year concession. However, the Mayor also denied this statement.




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