Published On: Thu, Feb 20th, 2014

ProMexico Global 2014 “International Business in Mexico”

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Global ProMéxico is an initiative of the federal government that aims to bring together all the government services, as counseling, coordination and execution of actions to promote international trade and attract foreign investment for entrepreneurs who want to export their products.

This International Business Forum took place at the “Centro de Convenciones Siglo XXI”, from Monday February 17th, until Wednesday 19th, 2014.

During the inauguration of ProMéxico Global 2014 “International Business in Mexico”, Governor Rolando Zapata Bello stated that the promotion of tourism, the state re-industrialization, the development of agribusiness, logistics, innovation and technology information are the five major lines of action that Yucatan will develop to strengthen the productivity of the entity.

He added that the State Government has the conviction to establish strategic alliances with the initiative of the Federal Secretary of Economy (SE), with the objective to attract more foreign direct investment and at the same time to improve the commercialization of Yucatecan products in world markets .
In Yucatan we can assure that we are ready to attract new investments to boost the economy and generate more jobs”.

Governor Rolando Zapata Bello during the inauguration of ProMéxico Global 2014

Governor Rolando Zapata Bello during the inauguration of ProMéxico Global 2014

Zapata Bello, also highlighted some competitive advantages of the state, like its geographical location because it is close to some of the principals international markets.

We are ready with the necessary infrastructure and economic incentives for the establishment of new enterprises, with excellent human resources, skilled and highly professional labor force, high levels of security, citizen participation and quality of life , in addition to laws and regulations assets that provide confidence to investors“, he said.

The Chief Executive Office of the “Unidad de Apoyos y Relaciones Institucionales de ProMéxico” (Institutional Support and Relations Unit of ProMexico), Alejandro Delgado Ayala, stated that Mexico is the fourteenth largest economy worldwide, which represents a huge opportunity for a sustained economic growth that will benefit the quality of life for all Mexicans.

Among the factors that the country has to achieve economic growth are that we have a solid platform for exports, an internal market with a population of 118 million habitants and a great potential in specialized human capital ,” added the representative of the General Director of ProMéxico Francisco González Díaz .

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