Published On: Thu, Feb 6th, 2014

Palestine seeking to invest in the state of Campeche

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After a short visit to the state of Campeche, the Special Delegate from Palestine, Munjed Saleh openly manifested his country’s intention of investing in the touristic sector of the Mexican state, specially in areas with great natural riches and beauty such as Calakmul and Candelaria.

Saleh pointed out  that possibly in May his Delegation may be returning for an interview with governor Fernando Ortega Bernes, so they can manifest their intentions to invest in the tourism sector in Campeche, “because it is a sector that hasn’t been properly harnessed and the tourist does not have many options in the state despite its great natural richness”.

“We would like  to meet with the governor on our next visit to the wonderful state of Campeche.  I consider this land a beautiful, tropical weather area, but I notice that tourism facilities are scarce in here and it looks to me that this state deserve a lot more “ Saleh stated.

He explained that, while unfortunately they did not  have the time  to conduct tours of the main tourist sights and attractions, it is a fact that they will invest in Campeche “and hopefully in the future we will have the time to meet with the governor and take a tour of the state“.

Nevertheless, the Palestine ambassador chose not to comment if part of an investment of this kind would be destined to the energy sector, more specifically, the oil sector.

Special Delegate from Palestine, Munjed Saleh

Special Delegate from Palestine, Munjed Saleh

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