Published On: Fri, Feb 7th, 2014

More complete and extensive cleaning operation will be carried out during this year’s “Carnaval”

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Few weeks before the Carnival of Merida, the municipal authorities began working in the cleaning of the Xmatkuil Fairgrounds to fulfill the expectations of the meridians to fully enjoy the holiday.

About one hundred employees from Urban Parks, Gardens and Drainage, are working in pruning landscaping, cleaning and sweeping the inside of the “Square of Carnival” (Plaza Carnaval), they are working as well in the cleaning of 16 bathroom facilities within the Xmatkuil Fairgrounds. This cleaning operation will last 15 to 20 days.
These works will consist of sweeping 1,200,000 square meters within the grounds and other 37,500 square meters around the area and nearby streets, to reach a total of 1.237,500 square meters. Also, approximately 400 garbage containers will be placed inside and outside the “Plaza Carnival” for trash recollection.

Urban Parks, Gardens and Drainage Staff working at Xmatkuil Fairgrounds.

Urban Parks, Gardens and Drainage Staff working at Xmatkuil Fairgrounds.

Rommel Perez Rodriguez, in charge of Urban Parks, Gardens and Drainage Staff, reported that on the first day of work, rather than household-type garbage, the employees from the Municipal Public Services mostly found waste generated by nature, such as leaves, twigs and weeds grown inside and outside the premises.

Moreover, Pérez Rodríguez said that a crew of 250 municipal workers will be in charge of the cleaning operation at the “Carnival Square”, and the surrounding areas before, during and after the festivities.

He also declared that from the opening until the closure of the event, the employees will be collecting trash bags, and placing all organic and inorganic waste in six garbage collection trucks and four more vehicles with the capacity of 10 cubic meters each. He stated that at the end of each day, his crew would work during three hours cleaning up the grounds and surrounding streets.

He added that compared to the Urban Cleaning performed in Paseo de Montejo during the previous carnivals, his crew will carry out a more complete and extensive job.

In Paseo de Montejo, we used to sweep every day after the festivities ended, which took us about three or four hours. Here at “Carnival Square” the attention will be not only at the end of each day, but it will be continuously carried out all day long.” Perez Rodriguez concluded.


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