Published On: Mon, Feb 10th, 2014

Midnight “Surprise” Operation in Downtown Merida

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The Municipal Police conducted on Saturday night around 12.40am a “surprise” operation at several nightclubs located in Downtwon Merida .

The convoy of agents carried out the operation to search for prohibited substances or weapons, and also to make sure there were not any under aged customers in the nightclubs.

The operation began before midnight on Saturday night and ended shortly after 2am on Sunday.

The police offciers stated that there was a huge collaboration from the the businesses owners during the search; authorities  met previously with the owners to inform them of the operation.

The first business the police  agents “visited” on Saturday night, was the “Rodeo “, located on Calle 59 (between 60 and 62), one of the busiest places in the Downtown area.

During the operation the police checked that the papers of the establishment were in order, then they verified that there were no under aged people in the club and they also made sure that they were not selling adulterated drinks.

On the other hand, costumers were randomly selected to verify that they were not carrying any drugs or weapons.

According to the police there were no people detained, neither drugs found, nor weapons confiscated.

"Surprise" Operation at the Rodeo nightclub, Mérida

“Surprise” Operation at the Rodeo nightclub, Mérida

Source: Diario de Yucatan

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