Published On: Mon, Feb 10th, 2014

Maria Moctezuma Made in Mexico

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Maria Moctezuma performing at El Tapanco

Maria Moctezuma performing at El Tapanco. Photo by Raul Ponce de Leon Curmina

For the past three years Maria Moctezuma has become a nationally recognized songwriter for its original style and hard work, she has created the Sonido Raizoso (Rooty Sound), a fusion of native rhythms using clay flutes , Indian drums and panpipes , combined with modern instruments.

Moctezuma is originally from Tabasco, but she has made the state of Yucatan her home, where her musical projects have received strong support by the public.

In 2011 she performed in six cities in Japan, including Tokyo and Osaka to present her album Revolucion Folklorica (Folk Revolution), accompanied by a band of Japanese musicians.

In 2012 she played in several cities in Mexico collaborating with artists from each region.

In 2013 she participated in the International Festival of the Maya Culture in Yucatan, and released her latest production called  Eres una Bruja (You are a Witch). Maria Moctezuma’s music takes ancestral values ​​from Latin American cultures and promotes an awakening awareness of our present.

Last year Maria Moctezuma was part of the documentary Hecho en Mexico (Made in Mexico), directed by Duncan Bridgeman and produced by Lynn Fainchtein. The documentary shows the environments and social conflicts in different parts of the country, showing the deeper roots of Mexican culture in a way never before presented and narrated by the songs of its people . Hecho en Mexico is a documentary mainly promoted out of the country (fully subtitled in English).

In an exclusive interview with The Yucatan Times after her last appearance in the cultural center Tapanco in Merida, Maria Moctezuma commented that today she has a lot of hope in Mexico, because as a Mexican she is proud of her roots and at the same time she recognizes the potential of her country in all aspects, its people, its culture and its natural resources.

For her, being part of Hecho en Mexico is to be one more voice of hope along to Lila Downs, Sergio Arau, Ruben Albarran and many other characters of social and cultural impact in Mexico. (Hecho en Mexico is available for free in

“I feel very happy and with a lot of responsibility, because I realize that people are already looking at my project that voices important things to our society. Now my country is going through a difficult and sad time, and I think that makes us see more clearly that we have to be more alive, because today is the day that society must be more united than ever to gain strength.”

Paulina Anaya, manager of Moctezuma said that for this year the singer will tour various states of Mexico to promote her new project Tierra Animal (Animal Land) and by July there are plans to perform overseas, places are not yet confirmed.

Last Saturday night, Maria Moctezuma entertained her audience with her Sonido Raizoso in a very small and intimate unplugged concert in the Cultural Centre Tapanco, where her fans interacted in a personal level with the artist while singing along her new songs included in her album Eres una Bruja.

Maria Moctezuma ‘s music is available for download on iTunes , Amazon and also from her website

By Raul Ponce de Leon Curmina


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