Published On: Fri, Feb 14th, 2014

Government considering filling el “Paso Deprimido”

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The arquitect Marco Tulio Preraza Guzman stated that the cost of filling the “Paso deprimido” would not even reach the third part of what it was required for the excavation, he added that there is a possibility that it would not need public resources from Merida´s City Hall, but it will be filled with economic resources from the citizenship, who want to see this area as it was before.

He recalled that the area is part of the modern heritage of the early and mid-twentieth century, which was recognized by the INBA because it highlights a “country-longing nostalgia lifestyle”, where the vegetation and the trees are in front of the property and not in the yards, giving greater harmony to the cityscape.

"Paso Deprimido" Flooded

“Paso Deprimido” Flooded

As well, he stated that these spaces are part of the urban design of the city, and a quality of life that doesn’t exist in the large metropolitan cities, and that is at risk of being lost.

The “Paso Deprimido” included the participation of several renown yucatecans, like the architect Felix Mier y Terán, whose work stands out for being kind with the landscape, plus he was the pioneer in introducing the functionalism and California style design.

Gonzalo Navarrete Muñoz, one of the chronicler of the city, stated in a forum at the “Centro Universitario Interamericano” that “El Paso Deprimido” was constructed by a political whim, and was a violation from the municipal authorities to safeguard the historical heritage of the city.

Men at work at "Paso Deprimido"

Men at work at “Paso Deprimido”

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