Published On: Fri, Feb 21st, 2014

Dining out in the Yucatan: “La Casa Del Faro” in Chicxulub Puerto

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It was my first visit to Puerto Chicxulub. All I knew was it was near Progreso, a restaurant on the beach, and they were serving all you can eat Baby Back Ribs. We were greeted by the owner Ron, who graciously showed us to our table. Outside, next to the swimming pool, with the haunting song of crashing waves, just a few yards away. We no sooner sat down, when we were greeted by our waiter, for our drink order. As tempting as a full bar is, I needed water to wash down my ribs, but sodas, as well as mixed drinks and cold beer also were served to my table.

Casa del Faro 18

Casa del Faro 23







The waiter suggested the ribs, but the complete menu was also available. Knowing that reservations are suggested, every expat was enjoying the hospitality at La Casa Del Faro, and there it was in front of our eyes, over 200 Kilos of ribs for us to eat, the entire table ordered ribs.

Casa del Faro 19

Casa del Faro 05







Within moments, 4 plates appeared in front of us, with meaty ribs, cole slaw, beans (whole) and potato salad. Oh, yes, plenty of napkins. My first bite was of the cole slaw, a creamy texture, with a nice crunch and enough vinegar to make it a perfect bite. The ribs were very meaty, and tender, as if they have been boiled first, then finished off on a coal grill, with home made BBQ sauce.

Casa del Faro 02

Casa del Faro 06







I was surprised at the sweetness of the sauce, as we are in The Yucatan. Ron the owner explained that his food is tailor made for his customers, and seeing there were all Canadians, except my table, he hit a home run on the sauce. The beans were also a surprise, with no sweetness, but a mild bite. It is obvious that La Casa Del Faro, knows how to balance a palate. The plate, as soon as it was empty, was cleared with a new loaded dish in front of me. Four plates later, I decided I had enough.




That particular night, there was a “Charro” (Mexican Cowboy) doing rope tricks for entertainment, and on other nights, La Casa Del Faro has live music too.

Casa del Faro 11

Casa del Faro 10







It was time to be social, and make my rounds to other tables. First off, Big Steve and company. He eats there a few times a week, and claims the table as his own. I was challenged to come back on any given Friday for all you can eat fish and chips. Why not next week!

Casa del Faro 14

Casa del Faro 17







I asked Ron the owner about his restaurant experience, as he obviously understands the hospitality business, and the very happy diners proved that. Ron retired to Yucatan from the construction industry in Florida. He bought a new house on the beach adjacent to the public pier, and realized it was the perfect place to open a restaurant, Ron’s genius in the restaurant business has been realized in the year Casa Del Faro has been opened. Next venture, a pizza, Italian restaurant around the corner next month…Pizza!

Casa del Faro

All you can eat ribs on Tuesday, All you can Eat Fish and Chips on Friday, full menu served 7 days a week. Open Lunch, and Dinner, and with enough people asking, Sunday Brunch I hope. Full Bar, Excellent Coffee ( not Nescafe). Excellent service and food.  I can not wait to be back.

La Casa Del Faro is located at: Calle 17 (x18y20)   Chicxulub Puerto, Yucatan   PH.- 999 9946852. Reservations strongly suggested.


By Stephen Friede


Stephen Friede was born into a family of small business owners. Art, Music, and the Written Word has been his passion since young.  Stephen’s Marketing Companie’s first client was a Presidential Candidate for the President of the US.  Putting on Special Events, and creating customer loyalty are his expertise to this day. Quote from Stephen Friede “I think out of the box, and get away with it”.

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  1. Ron says:

    You do this over and over again!
    What is the street address?
    What days and hours are they open?
    Why after so many questions like this do you continue to tantalize us with restaurant reviews without this information?

    • Alejandro Alejandro says:

      Hello Ron: Would you like to send us the complete information regarding your Street Address, Phone number, Email, website, Fax, Whatsapp, etc. (If you wish to send photgraphs as well, that’ll be great). We can do a whole new article about Casa del Faro, if it´s OK with you. In fact if you want to send it we will publish it exactly the way you send it… OK?

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