Published On: Mon, Feb 3rd, 2014

Cruz Roja Merida Bilingual Services to Begin February 8th

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Red Cross (Cruz Roja) Merida Delegation is establishing a bilingual services program in order to communicate with Merida’s English-only speaking residents and visitors.  The program will officially begin on Saturday, February 8th.

Emergency services across Merida have very little English-speaking capability.  Cruz Roja’s new Bilingual Services will not only strengthen Cruz Roja’s communication with people in need but will hopefully grow into a service that will improve ALL emergency communications for ALL emergency services in Merida,” said Gabriel Castro Espinosa, Cruz Roja Relief Coordinator for Merida.

Mr. Castro continued, “We are very excited that both bilingual Mexicans and Expats are stepping up to volunteer for such an important and critical need here at Cruz Roja’s Merida Delegation.”


Loredana Simonetto, Georgina Kemp, Lyn Hurd, John Hurd, Todd Mosley, Gabriel Enrique Castro Espinosa, Gabriel Centurion Arceo

Currently, less than ten people have volunteered to participate in the bilingual services program which will be conducted at the Delegation’s Headquarters initially on Mondays and Saturdays from noon until midnight.  Mondays and Saturdays were chosen because cruise ships are in port in Progreso resulting in an increase in English-only visitors to Merida and Saturdays naturally have a higher call volume.

As additional bilingual volunteers step forward, additional days will be added.  The ultimate goal is to provide bilingual services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Scheduling will increasingly become a large chore.  We need to start knocking on some doors to recruit more people,” said volunteer Loredana Simonetto.

No experience necessary, except to be bilingual,” said Todd Mosley, the organizer of the bilingual services program and an American Red Cross volunteer and former staffer. “We are very interested in partnering with individuals, couples, and local language schools to assist us in achieving full coverage.”


Cruz Roja Bilingual Services Team

Mr. Mosley is encouraging local language schools to get involved.  “They can be either schools that teach Spanish speakers English or schools that teach English speakers Spanish. Everybody is needed.”

One of the great things about this group is that both Mexicans and Expats are involved,” said Georgina Kemp. “As a native Spanish speaker, I am honored to be in a position to assist in the delivery of emergency services to help people who do not speak Spanish.”

All individuals and organizations interested in participating or receiving additional information on Cruz Roja’s Bilingual Services please, contact Todd Mosley at Email:, Phone: 999-362-59-49, and on Facebook: Cruz Roja, Merida, Bilingual Services.


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