Published On: Thu, Feb 13th, 2014

5 people arrested in Merida, Yucatan for drug possession

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Security elements of the Department of Public Safety arrested five people in possession of drugs at several points in the city of Mérida. The first case came when Jorge Alejandro Vazquez Cetz was speeding with a Chevy, license plates ZAJ 5678 and did not respect the crosswalk.

The officers who were on routine surveillance that day, caught up with him and ordered him to stop. Upon checking the car, they asked the subject to open the car’s trunk, and there they found nine packages of marijuana.

The subject was put under the delegation of the Attorney General’s Office, where it was found out that he has been imprisoned in the Center for Social Reinsertion (CERESO) twice, for crimes against public health (drug trafficking).


Jorge Alejandro Vazquez Cetz

In other case, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez Ruiz and another under aged individual were arrested, when the minor paid him fifty pesos for marijuana. The agents stopped them at calle 44 by 127-B Colonia Serapio Rendón, in the South of Merida. They seized three little wraps of the drug and a bigger bag with about 100 grams.  Both were turned over to the State Attorney General’s Office.


Juan Carlos Gutiérrez Ruiz

Finally the last two subjects that were detained, were Gerardo Uc Garcia y Leónides Dominguez, who were arguing near calle  66 por  99 colonia Meliton Salazar. When the Police arrived to the scene and asked what was happening, the two subjects started acting impertinent and aggressive against the officers, and after conducting a search on the two men, the agents found two bags of marijuana. They were referred to the Attorney General’s Office as well as the others.

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