Published On: Tue, Feb 25th, 2014

Absolutely vital to increase the Air Connectivity for the Mundo Maya Region

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Governors of the 5 states that conform the “Mundo Maya”, (Yucatan: Rolando Zapata Bello; Campeche: Fernando Ortega Bernés;  Quintana Roo: Roberto Borge Angulo and Tabasco: Arturo Núñez Jiménez) requested the Secretary of Tourism, Claudia Ruiz Massieu to increase the air connectivity and the promotion of the “Mundo Maya” as one destination in countries like Rusia, China, Colombia and Brasil among others.

During her participation in the XII National Tourism Forum Secretary Ruiz Massieu declared that, in order to increase the number of visitors, it is absolutely vital to develop  the airways between these 5 states, but also to work on the quality of the tourist services.

The governors underlined the need of making their  regional ariports more dinamic, because, except for the  Cancun and Merida airports, the rest of these facilities are not used to its full capacity due to the lack of important
national and international airline routes.


One of the strategies that SECTUR wants to boost, is the creation of competitive touristic products, based on the
diverstiy of Mundo Maya atractions. The Secretary reiterated that it is necessary to have wat she called a “unique experience offer, custom made for different types of domestic and foreign travelers”.

The tourism development of the whole region must be focused on the local development of each destination.

She highlighted the necessity of structuring one whole regional  tourism product, competitive and self sustained, since the Mundo Maya has the “Whole enchilada” (Beaches, Ecotourism, Sports, Culture,  Health, High End Sports, and Business).

Therefore, these five state administrations have to work together in  order to achieve the construction of one integral destination, and to consolidate the Ruta Maya (Mayan Route), involving the gastronomy, the protected natural areas, the “Magic Towns” (Pueblos Magicos) and  the world patrimony sites.


The governor of Campeche, Fernando Ortega Bernes, declared that it is fundamental that the 5 states can unite and take advantage of the Mayan Culture Heritage that makes all of them feel so very proud  and that they have as a common element.

Ortega Bernes concluded that the archealogical sites are a powerful and valuable legacy that no other region in the World has, and the existing mayan communities deserve to recieve the benefits of this tourism activity.

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  1. Lee says:

    Delta used to have a direct flight daily from Atlanta to Merida (2007’ish) but they discontinued the flight. Too bad they don’t bring it back. Miami is a horrible airport to connect with/to/from and Houston is very $$$$.

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