Published On: Thu, Feb 20th, 2014

Mexican tourist arrested in Progreso for running naked on “El Malecón”

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In a fairly polemic situation, a young Mexican tourist was arrested on Wednesday February 19th, in the coastal town of Progreso, Yucatan for indecent exposure after striping naked and running along “El Malecón”, the main avenue that runs next to the beach .

Guadalupe García Flores was detained after causing commotion amongst Mexican and foreign tourists, some of them from the Carnival Cruise Line Ship “Elation”,  that had just arrived to this port on the same day.

The 33 year old woman, from Colonia San Julio, in the State of Mexico, simply took off her bathing suit, and started to run with no clothes on along the beach.

The detention was made around 12:50 pm, after local service providers requested the help of the local police to stop this woman, that was causing disturbance among the tourists and locals.

It was informed that she was not intoxicated by neither drugs or alcohol, but still was arrested and taken to the Municipal jail by the officers of unit 7043 of the Progreso Municipal Police.


Guadalupe García Flores (Photo:

According to some of the locals, other people have done the same thing before, but they have never been arrested for that, they´re just told to put their clothes back on. The problem here is that this person decided to go “jogging” along the beach with no clothes on. A local man referred to this lady as “Gallinita de Patio” which is a pejorative term that means “low class or cheap”.


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