Published On: Sun, Feb 9th, 2014

Mexican Rock Band Maná played at the Grand Opening of “Coliseo Yucatán”

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Mana’s “Oye mi amor” was the first song heard live in the Coliseo Yucatán on the night of  Saturday February 8th, 2014, a date that will be always remembered in Merida as the grand opening of this new entertainment and sports arena.

The group, led by Fher Olvera provoked authentic euphoria among the Yucatecan public who waited nearly 20 years to see them performing live again in this city.

The group appeared on stage at 10:10 pm, while the more than 9,000 fans (some of whom had shirts with legends of the group), screamed and shout as if it was the Beatles playing on the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles California 50 years ago.

Maná´s second act was “De pies a cabeza” (From head to toe), and then proceeded with melodies such as “Lluvia en el corazón” (Rain to the heart) and “Déjame entrar” (Let me in) ” , delighting the audience that went crazy with each song.

It is gratifying to be in the most beautiful city in the world ,” said vocalist Fher , who was dressed all in black .

Bendita la luz” (Blessed is the light)”, ” Mariposa traicionera (treacherous Butterfly) “, ” Clavado en un bar (Nailed to a bar)” and ” Valgo la pena (I’m worth it),” were the topic of the night.

Maná (photo

Maná (photo


Right afterwards, the group performed ” Rayando el Sol (Scratching the sun) ” and then Despedido (fired) .

And in response to the demands of the public, the closed the show playing two more songs,  Labios compartidos “(Shared Lips) ” and “Corazón espinado (thorny Heart). ”


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