Published On: Mon, Jan 13th, 2014

Yucatecan companies, the key to detonate the local economy

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Yucatan is considered the most important trade center in Southeast Mexico and in order to maximize its strengths over the next 10 years, it is required to boost the industrial and tourism sectors, the local companies are the key to detonate the economy, this was said by Yucatecan investors.

About the recent Tax Reform, the employers must comply with the established modifications in tax regulations and continue working.

Meljem Charruf Navarrete, CEO of the local company “Botanas La Anita”, added that in Yucatan and the whole country, more resources are needed to generate wealth through business, so that there can be profits and taxes can be payed.

Charruf Navarrete considered that in the next 10 years, Yucatan has a lot to grow as the most important commercial center in Southeast Mexico.

He highlighted the growth potential that exists in the State, because there are people trained and prepared and Yucatan has the infrastructure to develop their potential.

In connection with the possible arrival of Dragon Mart in Cancun, Charruf Navarrete said that it will not benefit Mexican industrialists, especially since the rules dictated by the Federal Government for Dragon Mart to enter the country are still unknown.

In relation with the importance of domestic products quality as the best argument to combat the invasion of Chinese products, he stated that this can keep consolidating Yucatan companies, but is not the only nor the most important issue,” because for any product there are different qualities for different markets.”

He considered that the rules and trade agreements at national level are highly significant, and it is up to the Federal Executive to provide a clear vision of the profit or damage which may be caused to local businesses.

Businessmen believe that Mexico should be very careful before opening commercially to a foreign market as powerful as China. They said that there is a high degree of risk in these relationships, as many Mexican companies and manufacturers could be displaced.


Meljem Charruf Navarrete with Governor Rolando Zapata and other Yucatecan investors.

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