Published On: Mon, Jan 6th, 2014

Yucatan in the top ten of organ donation

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“The culture of organ donation in Yucatan grows slowly to the awareness of people about the importance of donating their tissues at death, which has been favored since 1987 when the first surgery was performed, about 400 transplants have been made”, said organizations.

“The State of Yucatan is ranked in tenth place in organ transplants nationwide, because the culture of organ and tissue donation has been fostered,” said Flor Maria Santana Zapata, president of Dona Esperanza Foundation.

According to surveys, Santana Zapata said that Yucatecan society is at a very high level in the culture and willingness to donate their organs.

0501148afa8260amedThe results were reported by the National Transplant Center in 2013 after organ donations increased by 80% in the State.

Last year about 70 transplants were performed in Yucatan, while in 2012 there were only 30.

“There are two types of donations, one in life and one in death,” she explained .

In life you can only donate a kidney, bone marrow, blood and cells; while in death, it is possible to donate vital organs such as heart, liver, kidneys, bone, corneas and skin, so a donor can save the life of up to eight people.

To donate in death the person must have had cerebral or brain death, when he dies in an accident or in his house, he can not be an organ donor, “said Flor Santana. In these situations, the transplant team talks to the family and requests the authorization to make the donation process, with the intervention of the Public Prosecutor, which certifies that the family gives permission and it is not an illegal act.

Many people do not donate corneas because they think that the person is left with empty eye sockets, but no matter what donation is made, the body is never disfigured, even in cases of bone donation, the surgeon does his best to keep the body the most aesthetically as possible.

For skin donation, a skin film with a thickness of a sheet of paper is donated, and it is taken from prominent parts of the body, such as back and buttocks.

Yucatan has already a State Center for Organ Donation and a State Board, but they still not have a foundation who can be responsible for raising funds and seek help for poor people to be transplanted.

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