Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014

Yucatán expects more resources for housing

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The president of the local Delegation of the National Chamber for Housing Development (Canadevi), Carlos Viñas Heredia, announced that this year there will be more economic benefits for subsidized houses, in which there is a budget of 12.5 billion pesos,“something historic in the country.”

In 2013, 8 billion pesos were exercised nationwide in affordable housing subsidy, and 180 million pesos corresponded to Yucatán.

“From the 12.5 billion pesos that were authorized for houses this year, we expect an estimate of 200 – 300 million pesos to correspond to Yucatan”, Viñas Heredia declared.080114889b810ecmed

The National Institute of Housing Development for Workers (Infonavit) gave in 2013 more than 12 thousand credits, and promoted the building of a large percentage of homes in the State.

He also reported that on January 1st, the prices of construction materials increased, impacting the construction industry.

Given these increases and inflation, he said it was necessary to increase the cost of construction of houses, and with the subsidy can be cheaper for workers.

“The increase in construction materials is given at the beginning or end of the year, but by mid year, adjustments occur in these basic inputs, impacting housing developers economy,” Viñas Heredia concluded.


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