Published On: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2014

Woman dies of a heart attack while betting at the casino

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A 53 year old woman died of a heart attack while betting at ‘La Cima’ Casino, located in Plaza Sendero , in the east side of Merida. On Tuesday January 21st, around 6  pm, Hilda del Socorro Perez Almeida went to the casino seeking good luck, but unfortunately, luck was not on her side.

The woman had an acute myocardial infarction (cardiac arrest), due to a great deal of excitement she experienced while gambling, and passed away sitting in front of the gaming monitor.

La Cima Casino

La Cima Casino

The staff noticed the lady was unconscious and called the emergency numbers, although paramedics  arrived just to confirm the woman was already dead. Perez Almeida relatives also arrived at the site to identify the body, as the elements of the Medical Examiner conducted the relevant proceedings .

Older people in Merida often go to the casinos to play, and based on the results of the National Survey of Addictions, a strategy will be implemented this year, as an essential part of a State Government Public Health Policy.


On the other hand, the director of the Center for Youth Integration of Merida, Víctor Roa Muñoz, has warned of a growing number of teenagers and young adults that are becoming addicted to gambling , and many of the leading universities in Yucatán seek support for their students.

There’s even a Gamblers Anonymous Group in Merida called “Back to Life” (Vuelve a vivir) , this group just recently turned one year old.

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