Published On: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2014

The 13th annual Merida English Library Chile Cook- Off was a hit!

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Three hundred and thirty three people showed up on Sunday for the Merida English Library’s thirteenth Annual Chile Cook Off. 
Twenty cooks served their chilis to over 300 people (ticket count was actually 333), who tasted, tested and generally just enjoyed them all.  We also had a panel of six judges, all professional chefs, who made their own first, second and third place awards.
The weather was perfect … a beautiful sunny day with just a few clouds to keep the temperature down; there was ample seating under tents for those preferring the shade, and a few chairs and tables scattered about for those who did not.  We also had a tent on one side of the site with a wide screen tv playing the AFC Broncos-Patriots game, which was much appreciated by various of those attending.
Yury di Pasquale won first place for the Judge’s Choice for the THIRD TIME!!!  Elizabeth Aguado won second place with her one and only vegetarian chili, and Mario Avila took third place in that competition.
Stacy Sobin won the first place in the People’s Choice, her daughter tied for third place with Beth Knepp and the second place went to Richard Conaway.
The entire event was truly a team effort.  The committee was formed of Lewie Conner, Pam and Craig Welch, Jan and Don Logan, Francisco Te and of course Catherine Harrison; everybody did their part and pulled together to make it all happen.
The ladies of the IWC (International Womens Club) once again helped out by manning the gate, the MMC (Merida Mens Club) helped cook as well as in other areas, members of the library, regular attendees of the Conversaciones group, and members of the MEL Board were all on site taking tickets, serving hot dogs and drinks, counting votes and just generally serving wherever they could.  And all that work showed … or rather, like any great event it all looked like it just fell together naturally!

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