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Summary of documented facts, follow up to the article entitled “Real Estate Fraud in Celestun”

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The article entitled “Real Estate Fraud in Celestun” published on the 18th of December 2013 has resulted in a widespread of commentaries by some of the persons involved.  To make sure we are dealing with facts and not opinion, we have collected the following documented facts in support of the article.


The Yucatan Times published that Celestun residents demanded the resignation of Mayor Rosa Alba Acosta Narvaez who was accused of serious irregularities during her administration. This information was also published in Spanish by the following media:



One of the reasons for the uprising was that a beach access road that it is claimed belongs to the community was allegedly sold. The Yucatan Times never accused any particular individual of being either the one who sold or bought that property.  However, the mayor of Celestun, Rosa Acosta Narvaez declared to the Diario de Yucatan that such claims are false, that the beach access has never been compromised, and that it actually is private property belonging to Mr. Carlos Manuel Gallareta.


After the publication of the above article, Mr. Gallareta requested a meeting with the editor.  At that meeting the documents that were given to The Yucatan Times were shown to Mr. Gallareta. We explained to him that this publication has no agenda or intent to cause him any harm, but that we simply published the information as it was provided to us.  We pointed out, however, that if he was not in agreement with the information published, we would provide him the space to clarify and explain his side of the story.  His response was published yesterday under the title “Right of reply”:

4. FACT.

Under express questioning from the reporter of Diario de Yucatan José W. Cob Chay, Mr. Carlos Gallareta stated that the land is for sale. This is a direct quote from the Diario de Yucatan: “A una pregunta, Gallareta Chacón contesta que efectivamente, los terrenos están en venta”.


The Yucatan Times investigated which real estate company was promoting the selling of the land and found this:

Real Estate ad promoting the selling of the land in question

Real Estate ad promoting the selling of the land in question

We proceeded to check the public list of AMPI (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios) to find out if the name next to the advertising was a registered broker. We found no one with that name registered in AMPI.

6. FACT.

We stated that the lot is being promoted by an unlicensed realtor who has been advertising it as follows:

“Rare opportunity to own beautiful beachfront property in Celestun, Yucatan. Build your affordable dream retirement or vacation home in this tranquil seaside town. Contractors/architects available to help you plan and build your special home.  There are room for two homes, a main home and casitas or what your heart desires! 13.2 meters of beautiful oceanfront! The property is 85 meters deep and fully serviced. Walk into town along the beach and enjoy an array of shops, restaurants and friendly locals. The rio is pink with flamingos and other birds. A short drive into Merida will allow you to experience many wonderful cultural activities and cosmopolitan shopping. Join other expats who are enjoying their relaxed lifestyle in the Yucatan! By Owner. $79,900 US

Contact me for more details and arrange to view this special property!! or 999 112 4795 No agents please. Thank you.”


7. FACT.

We received a comment under the published article from a Mrs. Vikki Hillman with the following statement:

“There are no “licensed” Realtors in Yucatan so the writer of this article needs to line up his ducks.”

We would like to respond to Mrs. Hillman that there are licensed realtors in Mexico and Yucatan.  The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals is a non-governmental body that monitors real estate activity in the country, which has been built with the vision of all partners, directors and sectional presidents since its foundation on the 14th of November 1956.

The following link contains a list of people and companies licensed by A.M.P.I. In the city of Mérida and the State of Yucatan

8. FACT.

In her comments under The Yucatan Times note, Mrs. Hillmann states the following:

“I am NOT a Realtor or an Unlicensed Realtor. I am a friend of the Yucateco gentleman that owns the property and has owned it for years”.

After such a statement we can only ask, if Mrs. Hillman is not a realtor or unlicensed realtor (in her own words) why is she involved with the commercializing of the property? Perhaps due to her friendship, as she claims, to the Yucateco gentleman that is Mr. Carlos Gallareta. However, that is not what it seems in the publication, since a phone number and an email address is provided for more information on the property. Typically that is something that someone that is commercializing something would do.

9. FACT.

Mrs. Vikki Hillman also expresses

“Next to his property is a piece of land owned by a Canadian. This gentleman has caused nothing but problems this property and others as HE wants it as an access road for his large piece of property that he is trying to sell as a location for a hotel. Everything is legally in order and my friend has signed papers from the government here in Yucatan, which in turn had to be perused and signed by Celestun govt all due to this other man creating problems. It cost this Yucateco a lot of money with lawyers etc and took a few years through the court system here. I think if an article like the above is written, a good journalist would check with all parties involved as there are two sides to every story and then the full truth in the middle. I am not going to defend myself or the owner as there is no need to. I know where the info came from and will not deal with unscrupulous individuals who have been charged with previous fraud and have denuncias against them.”

To which we answer:  Whoever makes an accusation HAS to prove it.

The Yucatan Times passes no judgment on who is right or wrong in this particular instance; we publish the information as it is and everyone involved in this story has a chance to be heard.

10. FACT

We offered Mr. Carlos Gallareta the proper space for his right of reply and we published everything he had to say regarding his situation. We do not doubt his honorability and legal status of his property. We cannot pass any judgment regarding the legality of anything since we are not the proper authorities. We have published everything he gave us and we will continue to publish any other information that is of public interest, since The Yucatan Times’ mission is to be a trusted English language publication that informs and educates its readership on matters relating to life in the Yucatan Peninsula.


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