Published On: Mon, Jan 20th, 2014

Rolando Zapata: “Demand more from me”

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On Sunday January 19, Governor Rolando Zapata Bello stated in his 1st yearly Government Report that he is ready to be demanded by the Yucatecan society. “Demand more from me”, the head of the State Executive of Yucatan literally said. “Because this is the only way to achieve  a realistic and complete transformation of  Yucatan during my term.”

Among the 5,000 people gathered at the Convention Center Siglo XXI, for the presentation of Zapata’s 1st yearly Government Report, there were 11 governors and two Secretaries of State.

Zapata Bello made a call to all sectors of the Yucatecan society to renew, what he called “The social agreement, based on shared commitment, on mutual trust and in speaking the truth.”

“The governor pointed out five pillars on which his work will be based on during the rest of his administration:

  • Tourism
  • Re-industrialization
  • Logistics
  • Technoagriculture
  • Digital strategy

“With these 5 pillars, Yucatan will take the development quality leap to the next level,” the Governor said.

Rolando Zapata Bello gave his report to the State Congress in the morning, and then he went to the Siglo XXI Convention Center, where he delivered his public message.


Rolando Zapata: “Demand more from me” (Photo:



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