Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014

Right of Reply: Mr. Gary De Spiegeleare, Celestun version

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As a follow up to the “Real Estate Fraud in Celestun” series of articles, The Yucatan Times contacted  Mr. Gary De Spiegelaere who’s name was mentioned in the previously posted information and offered him as well the right of reply.

Mr. Spiegelaere accepted to express his side of the story and provided his answer through his attorney at law Mr. Alonso Hernandez along with a series of documents that we proceed to post as given.

This is Mr.  Gary De Spiegelaere right of reply:

Letter signed by Mr. Gary De Spiegelaere

Letter signed by Mr. Gary De Spiegelaere

plano 3040

plano 1036 plano 2039

documento 1037

documento 2038

foto terreno041

oficio 2032oficio 1031All of the above are the documents provided by Lic Alonso Hernandez, Mr De Spiegelaere’s Lawyer.


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