Published On: Thu, Jan 30th, 2014

REPAVING OF CENTRO: Decaying Streets Get First Attention

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Once again, Merida Mayor Renán Barrera Concha kicked off a municipal works project, this one aimed at repaving some critically damaged roadways in the Historic Center of the city.  The estimated 12kms of roadway will cost the city about $14 million pesos and should take about 10 weeks to complete.  The bold move will be another achievement of the current administration, who continue to show the public that they are here and dedicated to the revitalization of the city.

Mayor Renán Barrera Concha told the press that all works will be conducted during the night time hours, in order to maintain the flow of traffic in the city’s core.  Public Works Director Carlos Arcudia Aguilar concurred that streets would then reopen in the morning as to let continue the proper flow of people and cars.  Previous construction projects closed or reduced lanes in city streets and seriously affected movement in Centro.

The following streets will be worked on:

Calle 66, from Calle 59 to Calle 77

Calle 65, from Calle 66 to Circuito Colonias Poniente

Calle 57, from Calle 62 to Calle 64

Calle 64, from Calle 59 from Calle 65

Calle 63, from Calle 58 to Calle 50.


Centro repaving works two years ago

by Erich Briehl

Erich Briehl is a veteran videojournalist/photojournalist who’s work has taken him to Asia and throughout the Americas.  With his beginnings back in 1997, Erich has strived to maintain ethical and professional journalistic standards, while delivering the truth in all stories he presents.

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