Published On: Mon, Jan 20th, 2014

Recording artists Wisin & Yandel were victims of robbery in Merida

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Preliminary reports indicate that several items were stolen from the hotel room of musicians working with the puertorican duo Wisin & Yandel; among the stolen items were a backpack, 3 computers, books, $2,900 US dollars in cash, a Play Station Console, Sunglasses, an iPad, a wristwatch, headphones, cell phones and personal documents.

The Attorney General’s Office launched yesterday a preliminary investigation concerning the theft of various personal items belonging to musicians working with Wisin & Yandel musical duo from Puerto Rico that came to Merida for a concert on Friday January 17.

The state agency reported that Juan Fernando Toro and Alfonso Tenorio, managers of the Puertorican musicians, filed a complaint for theft to which they were subject in their rooms of the Fiesta Americana hotel in the city of Merida, Yucatan. He said that the theft of items occurred on Friday January 17, during the presentation of the artists at Kukulcan Stadium in this capital, and despite various 24/7 security mechanisms around the rooms occupied by the musicians and their crew.

Wisin & Yandel

Wisin & Yandel

The PGE (Procuraduria General del Estado), added that according to the version of the complainants, theft arose in rooms 229, 174 and 530 where a backpack, 3 computers, books, $2,900 U.S. dollars, a Play Station, Sunglasses, an iPad , a wristwatch, headphones, cell phones and personal documents.

The complainers reiterated that the managers left the hotel to attend the presentation of recording artists Wisin & Yandel, and upon return they noted the lack of different items, so they proceeded to file the complaint.

According to preliminary investigations, the whole crew blocked access for 24 rooms, however, hotel staff reported the presence of two people who said they were part of the artists’ support crew.

According to employees of the hotel, these people showed up at the front desk and requested to re configure the room keys, which would have allowed them to enter the premises and steal the mentioned items, so investigating officers proceeded to review surveillance videos, and had several interviews with stakeholders and hotel personnel in order to determine if someone from the staff could be involved in the theft.

We were robbed at the Fiesta Americana Hotel in Merida, Mexico; right in the middle of Wisin & Yandel’s concert, tell everyone and pass the word
This was posted by Juan Toro, on his twitter account on Friday night. Toro is an artist representative for company known as The Relentless Agency.

Fiesta Americana Merida

Fiesta Americana Merida



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