Published On: Sat, Jan 11th, 2014

Pay your¨Predial¨(Property Tax), within January and get a 20% discount

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Merida City Hall’s Property Tax (Predial) Payment Campaign “El que Paga Gana” (Who pays, wins), features a number of incentives and discounts to those who comply with this obligation during the first three months of the year, according to Mayor Renan Barrera Concha.

He announced that discounts for those who pay in the first quarter, range from 20% in January, 10% in February and 8% for those who pay in March. There are 446 different places across the city where the property tax (predial) can be paid; including 44 boxes in 20 municipal collection centers , 151 Oxxos , 70 Dunosusa stores , 152 Super Willys , 17 branches of Banorte and 11 of Scotiabank. And you can even pay online with your credit card in monthly payments interest free (with participating credit cards only).

There is also a Mobile Property Tax Payment Program , which consists in municipal staff , fully identified , going to your home to collect the “predial”, although, in case you choose this option, you have to pay with credit card .

He said that for the first time , the City of Merida installed equipment in each box so tax payers can also provide their opinion on what the property tax resources should be invested. There are five options : Public Works and Services , Health, Recreational and Sports Activities , Culture, and Education.

There is also a program of Support to Pensioned Senior Citizens , in which discounts of 50 to 100% are granted, depending on the value of the property (restrictions apply).

El que paga gana

El que paga gana

Besides all of the above , there are other kinds of incentives such as raffles in which citizens have the chance to win two Nissan March Advance 2014 automobiles, five Honda 2014 motorcycles  , 28  7¨ inch Samsung tablet , 15 Samsung  32¨ inches LED flat screens and 40 Mercury bicycles.

Renan Barrera said this campaign seeks to motivate meridians to pay their ¨predial¨ tax on time , since the entire amount collected is returned to the citizenship in urban works and services.

He recalled that last year the City received over $ 200 million pesos for the property tax , which shows the confidence of the meridians and the ability of the City to return the money collected in works and services .

He added that the municipal commitment is to fulfill the people’s expectations, and the authorities will not grant any additional discounts than those mentioned, (as they did in other administrations).

It was also announced that all investments made in buildings classified as historic or artistic monuments of INAH receive a fiscal bonus of 50 to 100% , while civilians owning properties cataloged as historical and artistic monuments by INAH , will be given a bonus of 15 % in this assessment.

Meanwhile , Jaime Massa Ramos said the City Council , responsibly and in compliance with the Constitution , is making the leveling of assessed values ​​to 60% of market value and reducing the rates for tax calculation.

This 2014 – “Meridanos pay the same as last year, except in cases in which substantial changes have been made to their land or property” – Massa Ramos added.

After the press conference Barrera Concha paid his own predial tax in one of the boxes installed in the first floor of City Hall.

Predial payment boxes at Merida City Hall

Predial payment boxes at Merida City Hall

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