Published On: Thu, Jan 16th, 2014

Man that tried to kill his girlfriend because she dumped him, goes to trial in Uman

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In the Municipality of Uman, Yucatan; Judge Luis Mendoza Casanova, processed Luis Eduardo Martinez Rodriguez, who physically assaulted and injured his ex girlfriend Silvia Josefina Rodriguez Espinoza, when she decided to end their relation.

He is being processed under the criminal case 33/21012, under the charges of aggravated robbery with attempt of homicide and injuries. The judge ordered the detention of the aggressor for six months, as a precautionary measure. The incident took place around 8 in the morning of January 16, 2012 when the now complainant Silvia Josefina Rodriguez Espinoza, then 20, was at her home located at Calle 25 number 406 x 50 Fraccionamiento Paseos Itzincab, Uman Yuc.

Her former boyfriend, Luis Eduardo Martinez arrived, demanding to talk to her, but she refused and tried to shut him out of the house, however, he forced his way in, punching Silvia’s younger sister in the process and breaking one of her teeth. The subject then grabbed a kitchen knife and chased his former girlfriend to the bedroom, where he began choking and punching her, until she lost consciousness.

Not satisfied with the attack, Luis Eduardo Martinez stabbed her in the neck, causing injuries that endangered her life. Before leaving the premises, the man went into Silvia’s mother bedroom and stole $30,000 pesos in cash from the closet. The native of Ciudad del Carmen, who had his home in Kanasín, ran away in a Seat Ibiza with license plates ZAJ3172.

Martinez fled the crime scene, and remained unpunished for almost two years, but he was recently arrested and now he will be facing justice in the new criminal process system of the State of Yucatan.


Silvia Josefina Rodriguez Espinoza right after the attack

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