Published On: Wed, Jan 8th, 2014

Lorenzo Pech Collí (aka “Lolo”) arrested for indecently touching a 13 year old girl

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Ministerial Police agents arrested 35-year-old Lorenzo Pech Collí (aka “Lolo”) accused of indecently touching his 13 year old sister in law.

The complaint was filed by A.B.A.C, wife of the detained, resident of San José Tecoh,in the South of Merida, who said that her husband  was inappropriately touching her younger sister, who is only 13 years old. After learning that the girl had been enduring the fondling and obscene body touching from the subject for several days, she finally decided to speak with the authorities.

The woman stated that due to family issues, her younger brother and sister live with her in her house, that only has one room, in which all must settle in for sleep, so her sister was sleeping at two in the morning that night, when she awoke feeling that someone was obscenely touching her, and realizing that it was her brother in law Lorenzo Pech.

As it was not the first time that the subject touched her like that, she asked him to stop, but his response was threatening to kick her out of the house if she didn’t comply.

The next day, the woman realized that her sister was visibly upset, so after insisting, the little girl tell her what the matter was, and so she proceeded to call the police to file a complaint, which resulted in the arrest of Lorenzo Pech Collí.

Later on, with a judge order, a group of ministerial officers went in search of the offender who was located on the street 127 x 48 of San Jose Tecoh, where he was arrested, transferred to a security area and then consigned to a State prison.

Lorenzo Pech Collí (aka “Lolo”)

Lorenzo Pech Collí (aka “Lolo”)

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