Published On: Fri, Jan 3rd, 2014

Incidents during New Year’s Eve in Yucatan

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New Year’s Eve celebration left at least 3 traffic accidents in Yucatan, four people injured by knife stab, one of them is considered in serious condition; the suicide of an old man in the South of Merida, and two house robberies in Ciudad Caucel, where houses were burnt down after the action.

The Ministry of Public Security declared that from 6pm to 8pm on December 31st, three accidents were reported, two at Periferico and one more in the 9km Merida-Progreso highway. The first accident was in Periferico but the vehicle was abandoned by its driver, the second accident took place also in Periferico, where a four month old baby was involved, police and paramedics arrived on time and determined that a transfer to the hospital was not necessary.

The third accident occurred shortly before 8pm at Km 9 of the Merida-Progreso highway, when a 32 year old woman fell asleep, forcing the car to leave the road, colliding with a tree, the driver resulted barely injured, only because she had her seat belt buckled up. In other events, the Ministry of Public Security was informed of an injured person with a knife, at Colonia Emiliano Zapata Sur, incident in which the criminal was immediately arrested.


Ciudad Caucel

Ciudad Caucel

Two houses in Ciudad Caucel where the target of robbery, but after the action was made, the houses were burnt down. These cases were reported separately. These kind of situations, started in Ciudad Caucel in the beginning of December, where 2 teenagers of 18 and 19 y old were responsible for committing robbery and burning the houses down, in order to get rid of the evidence. They were arrested and later on released by the Police due to the lack of proof . People in the neighborhood are truly concerned about these situations and ask the authorities to be aware, in order to stop these kind of situations to happen again.

Ciudad Caucel incidents

Firemen putting out the fire at one of the houses in Ciudad Caucel on New Years Eve

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