Published On: Fri, Jan 24th, 2014

Fran Culture Magazine and TYT announce Strategic Alliance

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The Yucatan Times is excited to announce an alliance with Ashley Graham, the publisher of Fran Culture Magazine. To better help the economic growth of The Yucatan, The Yucatan Times will be contributing to, as well as linking our international readership to Fran Culture Magazine.
New Franchise Magazine Showcases Abundant Opportunities and Franchising Offers with an Interactive – Visual Experience

On December 2013, FranCulture Magazine released a cutting edge digital magazine that captures the culture of franchising for those who are considering a franchise, looking to turn their business into a franchise model and franchisors looking for competitive edge information. From socially responsible business practices to campaigns that made an impact to how do you even start your personal and business goals, FranCulture, covers it for young-adult victory-minded professionals.

With Franchisors and aspiring franchisees in need for easy to implement, detailed best practices, decision making tactics and news, FranCulture Magazine is offering a new interactive publication for franchise professionals, specifically angled for the 25 to 34 year old crowd.

FranCulture will separate franchise business topics under two publications:

FranCulture Magazine, released the second Tuesday of every month starting December 10th, 2013, a publication for aspiring entrepreneurs considering the acquisition of a franchise.

FQ Magazine, released quarterly starting January 14th, 2014, features content for Franchisors who like

visual, short to the point best practices as well as case study information along with interviews from an array of

different industries. FQ Magazine, also caters to those gearing up to turn their business into a

franchise model.

FranCulture Magazine Cover (January 2014)

FranCulture Magazine Cover (January 2014)

FranCulture shares the true opportunities that the franchise community offers those who choose it.

From long lasting relationships to business do’s and do not’s, to interesting case studies and how to

finance your next move,” said Ashley Graham, FranCulture Founder and Editor-in-Chief, “we

distribute our magazine digitally to increase the impact of social sharing and reach our

demographic of technology savvy 25 to 34 year old enthusiasts looking to lead their life with the

support of the franchise community.”

In addition to leading news, current best of interviews with winning strategies, FranCultue publications will maintain the following staples of content in each publication: For the Love of Franchising; Free Calendar of Events in the US and Internationally; How to Create a Tech Savvy Biz; Beloved Campaigns that Worked!; Financing; Legal; Market Report; Increase Unit-Sales tips and a donated charity section driven to spread the word about strategic giving and socially responsible business techniques.

For more information on this publication, how to submit stories or join the distribution list visit,

We have a direct link to FranCulture Online Magazine right on our homepage, check it out!


Direct Link to FranCulture Online Magazine

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