Published On: Tue, Jan 14th, 2014

For the third consecutive year the Association of Hotels and Motels of Campeche reported 6.8% decrease in hotel occupancy during 2013

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For the third consecutive year the Association of Hotels and Motels of Campeche reported a 6.8 percent decrease in hotel occupancy in 2013, and said that in the holiday season they were only 60 out of 100 occupied rooms.

On its first annual meeting to discuss the results of occupation during 2012-2013, to establish a comparison and see the real situation of the hotel industry in the state, businessmen reiterated their demand to readjust the budget for the Mexico City Tourist Destination Representation Office (Oficina de representacion de destinos en la ciudad de Mexico), since its closure, that has resulted in the loss of more than eight thousand rooms.


Hoteliers exchanged percentages and opinions regarding causes and consequences of the decline that has been observed since 2011. Information shared coincided with Datatur (National Information Statistics Tourism Sector of Mexico), compared to 6.8 percent decrease in occupancy in 2013, and points out that December did not turn out as expected, it hardly managed 60 percent occupancy.

Campeche Hotel owners raised the need to present these findings to governor Fernando Ortega Bernés , as he has always demonstrated its commitment to the development of this important sector.

Also the proposal of Deputy Maria Rafaela Santamaría Blum to deliver the “Distinctive Ah Kim Pech Certification” was carefully analyzed and agreed that the budget of this award should go to the Tourist Destination Representation Office (Oficina de Representacion de destinos en la ciudad de Mexico).


It was agreed to ask the City of Campeche meet the new guidelines of the 59th St. approved by the City Council last December, and the intervention of the Ministry of Tourism to solve the problem in Calakmul, as a result, the National Commission on Protected Areas forbid and restricted the transit of large vehicles through the area, the Ministry of Tourism and comunal land owners began to notice countless trouble, such as overcharging, bad service and blockages, in consequence much of the wholesale operators have suspended their routes and are reprogramming to Chetumal, causing economic losses.

The lack of staff and time extensions of the attraction by the Tourism Ministry were also questioned. Most of their employees were on vacation and the only personnel were guards. And again the provisions for the holiday season were not taken seriously.

Uncertainty prevails in this 2014 since there has been no meeting of the Advisory Council, and is not yet known, as how the Ministry of Tourism intends to distribute the budget for this year.


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