Published On: Fri, Jan 31st, 2014

Coffee in The Yucatan, and I do not mean Starbucks…

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I have done business in coffee houses for over a decade. Why spend rent in office space when a coffee house has everything I need, plus the opportunity to meet more people? And when I was invited to meet a client at Starbucks, the answer was no, I like good coffee, let’s go to a local coffee house.

Five months after arrival in my new home, I still hear “meet me in Starbucks.” My problem has been that as I do not like Starbuck’s coffee, I have yet to have better, until now…

I have been introduced to Bodega 65 Coffee,  derived from 100% organic coffee harvested in the mountains of Coscomatepec, Veracruz, and main distribution in Merida. Being from The USA, we did not know Mexico had a thriving coffee culture.


The project emerged from the desire to share and explore the benefits of Veracruz coffee, its aroma, flavor, body, acidity and beauty of craftsmanship that is made using a high quality process.

Bodega 65 just sent it’s first (of many more to come) shipments of Beans to a unique gourmet coffee roaster in Reno, Nevada, USA. Wood Fire Roasted. Wood Fire has a unique roasting process of using wood, opposed to an electric or gas roasting process.

Bodega 65 has never before sold unroasted beans, but as so many businesses in The Yucatan, they are a rapidly emerging company, aggressively seeking to improve the area’s economy.


Bodega 65 is now in search for local coffee houses to pour and resale, and to open their own unique coffee venue.

To contact Bodega 65 Coffee:

  • Senda a mail to:
  • Or call:  (999) 289 – 09 37






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