Published On: Thu, Jan 16th, 2014

Back in the Land of the Maya

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MERIDA, YUCATAN. And… we’re back. I must say, it’s nice to be back in the sunshine here in Merida, which, despite the occasional cold front (norte) blowing across, still provides one of the best winter climates in the world in my opinion.

Recently, I have been hearing from various British friends who live in Spain. There is a huge British expat community in Spain, both on the mainland and the island of Mallorca. They moved there for the weather and the lifestyle, but recently are reporting growing concern about crime, and the cost of living. It seems that as the Spanish economy heads downhill, crime is rising, and new taxes and utility cost increases are affecting the lives of the residents. To coin a phrase, there is trouble in paradise.

Britain’s “The Independent” newspaper reports that two in five expats living in Spain said that the cost of eating out had risen by more than 15%, while 71% reported an increase of more than 10% year-on-year on fuel. Housing prices and tax increases also were a concern.

According to Spain’s Interior Ministry, there has been a worrying hike in crime rates over the last few years, in particular violent crimes and burglaries.

It’s sad to see Spain, a country I like very much myself, heading down this path; one which is being shared by other European countries at this time.

For those who have the ability to take advantage however, it also presents an opportunity; namely, to look across the Atlantic, to Mexico, and the Yucatan peninsula, which offers a high standard of living at a bargain price, great weather, and a language with which Spanish residents will already be familiar. One need only browse the pages of to find a myriad of reasons to consider living in Yucatan.

Winter in Yucatan

Winter in Yucatan

What’s happening this in Merida this week? The Merida Fest (formerly known as the Festival de la Ciudad) is now on and will run until January 31, as reported in TYT here:

The program is available here:

Have you been to Bule Beers yet? With its “African Safari” theme, it sounds tacky, but in fact it somehow works. Beers (‘medias’) are an incredible $10 pesos each on Mondays before 9pm, which, as far as we know, is the cheapest beer in town; $12 pesos each Tuesday to Sunday before 9pm, and a reasonable $23 pesos each after 9pm. A menu of light meals is also offered. Bule Beers is located just down the road from City Center mall, not far from the periferico. For more details, visit their Facebook page:érida/1396158183935269

Bule Beers

Bule Beers

And don’t forget to visit our friends at Canada Burger! In addition to their regular burgers and poutine, their new mini burgers are now taking Merida by storm! Visit their Facebook page for more information and directions:

For our review of their food, see:

by Stewart Mandy


Stewart Mandy

Stewart Mandy

Born in Europe, raised in the Middle East, and a long-time resident in the Americas, including the last 3 years in Merida, Stewart has worked worldwide in the travel, tourism and transportation industries for well over 20 years.

His local contacts and global knowledge provide him with unmatched access to the stories ‘behind the stories’ and he likes to take you to the places that others don’t or won’t go. From the Arctic Circle toTierra del Fuego, from Moscow to Melbourne, from Bergen to Buenos Aires, Stewart has been there. Chances are, wherever you are heading, he knows the score.

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