Published On: Fri, Jan 3rd, 2014

Advances in the construction of the new roundabout on Calle 60

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The construction of a new roundabout near Gran Plaza shopping mall, in the North of the City is taking shape slowly and is gradually transforming the image of the place, which for decades was an important site of Merida.

Workers from a private company will replace the area with concrete pavement, which purpose is to improve the flow of vehicles and people in this busy area.

The rink that was next to the park “Las Meridas del mundo”, will disappear and the park will become more visible to the passing  cars.

This roundabout will have three lanes and is part of the improvements of Calle 60 North, to be ready in February. At its center will be a monument of Marcelino José Benito Champagnat, founder of the Marist Brothers, a religious congregation of men in the Roman Catholic Church devoted to the Virgin Mary and dedicated to education.

New roundabout in the North of Merida

New roundabout in the North of Merida

With this work, those heading North will not have to take the lane that is now used for a U turn, in front of “Mi Viejo Molino” restaurant. This lane will be closed.

In the center of the new roundabout the railroad tracks will remain, as they will not be removed.

This is the last phase of the construction work done in a stretch of 12 kilometers on Calle 60 North, beginning at Circuito Colonias (In front of Mega Comercial Mexicana). The objective is to replace the asphalt pavement, with an investment of $50 million pesos, which includes storm drains , fittings, new signage and other elements.

According to the Public Work Secretariat of the Municipality, the project started on October 19 and consisted of six phases, which should be ready in late January. Right now they are still working on the section next to the Technological Institute of Mérida.


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